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At Blue Oak, we love trees.  We would rather save a tree than remove it.  But as much as we love trees, we know that sometimes a tree has to be cut down. 


Tree removal requests compromise the majority of the calls we get, and we are serious in handling these jobs safely.  From the complex crane-assisted removal to the simple one that can be cut without climbing, we've handled all kinds of trees in all sorts of situations.  We personalize each job to the client's specific needs and desires, making it as affordable as we can.  Here are a couple of things to consider if you are thinking about a tree removal:

1) Healthy and well maintained trees usually won't need to be removed.  Keeping a tree healthy is much more affordable than removing it!  Make sure that the trees you want to keep are properly cared for.

2) Removals are cheaper for clients who choose to keep the brush/chips/wood on their property because less equipment and time are involved.

3) There is no set price for a removal.  No two tree jobs are the same, and some jobs require more equipment and time than others.  As a general rule, the harder and more hazardous the job, the more it will have to cost.

4) Children and pets should never be outside during tree removals.  Although fun to watch, these jobs are extremely dangerous and bystanders MUST be far outside the work zone from start to finish.  Unexpected risks can occur (like exploding tree debris flying 100 feet across a yard after blowing out a treetop), and we don't want anyone or their pets getting injured or killed.


Watch a couple of on-the-job videos demonstrating removals.  We're sorry in advance for the shaky camera and poor audio in some scenes!

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