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Tree work is fun to watch.  The excitement, danger, and challenges that must be overcome keep you on the edge of your seat.  We update this gallery page on occassion to share some of the fun experiences we've had over the years.

Deep hollow, April 2022

An exciting removal job where Nate had to climb high up into a mostly hollow chestnut oak.  This photo was taken by Joe at the base, inside the tree, while Nate was still 15-20' up.


Basswood prune. April 2022

My view from the aerial lift as we rigged down a large branch.


Surprise critter visitation

This racoon came out of a tree cavity during a job.  We took care not to hurt him or let him hurt us!


Training day, April 2022

Jack getting on a rope during our first company rock climbing trip for building team work and trust in the equipment.


Dying maple removal, March 2022

Jack sitting behind the 661 with a 36" bar which was used for the final felling cut on this hazardous tree near downtown Marion.


Root collar excavation, March 2022

A needed tree health service for this buried cedar tree.


Squirrel refugee March 2022

This little guy was displaced by a tree removal we had to perform, so Jane took him in until a rescue organization could receive him.


Stump removals

Putting the little red dump truck to the test by loading it with thousands of pounds worth of stumps!


Tree health 4 March 2022

Girdling roots cut off of a red maple leave behind evidence of damage.


Post oak removal 4 December

A miraculous visit from a kind stranger with logging equipment made the clean up for this job much easier on us!


Crane job 6 November

A large hazardous white pine had to be picked and carried over powerlines and a busy intersection to be set safely on the ground, piece by piece.


Birthday celebration 16 October

A hike up to the top of Shortoff followed by an epic muti-pitch rock climb with my wife Jane.  Had to use crutches for the hike, but it was totally worth it!


19 November

Jane posing with the MS661


Tree transplant 19 October

Using an Airspade to move a large arborvitae that was planted too close to the house.


Crane removals 18 September

What an awesome job, but extremely dangerous with the house underneath every pick!  Thanking God for safety on this one especially.

Nathan below crane1.HEIC

Ash removal 9 September

This very large Ash was killed by EAB.  It was a challenge to take it down and clean it up.

Nate and seth, ash cookie.jpg

Red oak removal 7 September

A scarlet oak split apart inside of a client's fenced-in yard and caused property damage.  A cable would have likely prevented the incident and need for removal.

Scarlet oak JPmoore.jpg

Uprooting pine 20 September

When this 80 ft tall pine began to fail, we were called to safely remove it.  We had to support cable it to another tree before climbing it and removing it piece by piece.

uprooting pine.jpg

Siberian elm removal 12 September

This large tree in a crowded residential area was hanging over powerlines and the house.  We managed it without a crane through some creative rigging to help keep costs down.

Siberian elm.jpg

Silver maple pruning 21 August

Nate gets to be the groundie while Seth handles some tricky climbing and rigging in the tree.

Nate looking up at seth.jpg
Nate cutting, Jarret watching.jpg
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