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Pruning is one of the most important services a tree company can offer.  Pruning can be a valuable service for many reasons and can often serve as an alternative to full removal.  However, improper pruning can lead to unhealthy and potentially hazardous trees.

At Blue Oak, we teach our arborists to know the following:


  • Techniques for "spikeless" pruning to avoid the injuries caused by the use of tree gaffs.

  • Proper pruning procedure involving how and where to cut branches to promote the tree's compartmentalization process and future health.

  • Quantity limitations of live branch pruning and the effects of over-pruning. 

  • How to establish strong architecture through pruning  and not weaken it with improper practices.

  • and more... such as optimal times to prune, and what procedure to follow when pruning trees suffering from certain diseases.

Proper pruning is both an art and a science, and you don't want to give the responsibility of it to just anyone.  Hire someone who knows and cares about tree health and pruning!

Common pruning objectives

Consider the list of pruning objectives below and decide which ones are needed for your tree,  Many of these objectives may overlap.

Mitigating risk of branch/stem failure

Providing clearance (from houses, cars, walkways)

pruning, climbing, arborist

Improving tree structure.

View enhancement

Size management (not topping)

Reducing crown density

Restoration pruning (from injury or improper pruning)

Maintaining tree health

Improving tree aesthetics 

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